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[SND]TBARClay20170913.mp32017-09-17 03:31 329M 
[SND]TBARClay20170823.mp32017-08-26 23:37 329M 
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[SND]TBARClay20170607.mp32017-06-11 02:29 329M 
[SND]TBARClay20170531.mp32017-06-02 05:12 329M 
[SND]2016-08-16tue DMacFillin WAClay -on the MiFi(20" dish), new Android is too smart, mouse buttons still suck, browsers don't traffic shape, TFHR CafeParis up! .256.mp32016-08-16 22:30 220M 
[SND]2016-08-09tue DMacFillin Clay -why all the distortion .256.mp32016-08-09 23:36 220M 
[SND]2016-05-04wed TBAR Clay -Dragon Touch X10, new VOSC listener, Blaze-Pumpkin.m3u2016-05-05 18:57 4.9K 
[SND]2016-04-27wed TBAR Clay - Prince tribute, Duane video sale&GFM, dynamic proc, don't normalize to 0, bbbIBOC .m3u2016-04-27 22:18 4.9K 
[SND]2016-04-26tue DMacRant fillin Clay RIP Duane, Mountain Music & 40-Hour Week .m3u2016-04-26 23:19 3.1K 
[SND]2016-04-20wed TBAR Clay - obs IDs, cam no work, oops HD plug-reformat, FAT debacle, 420 songs, Duane back on vent, BP meds, Blaze, CoQ-10, electric bike .m3u2016-04-20 21:22 6.8K 
[SND]2016-03-30wed TBAR Bri,Née,Clay - hb Graeme Edge, Eric Clapton .m3u2016-03-30 22:31 4.6K 
[SND]2016-03-22tue Clay Mac Rant Bri,Clay,Née .m3u2016-03-22 20:50 2.8K 
[SND]2016-03-16wed TBAR Bri,Née,Clay - RIP George Martin, Keith Emerson .m3u2016-03-16 22:44 7.7K 
[SND]2016-03-02wed TBAR Née,Bri,Clay,Austin - some things work; some things don't; and a visit from a nephew .m3u2016-03-03 01:37 6.3K 
[SND]2016-02-17wed TBAR Bri,Née,Clay - cams, irc, Clay's ocular migraine .m3u2016-02-17 23:23 5.0K 
[SND]2016-02-03wed TBAR Clay,Née,Bri - Refrigerate! Refrigerate! .m3u2016-02-03 22:06 2.7K 
[SND]2016-01-20wed TBAR Bri,Née - RIP Dale Griffin, Glenn Frey .m3u2016-01-21 04:21 7.8K 
[SND]2016-01-06wed TBAR Bri,Nee - Simon's mouth; sewer clog .m3u2016-01-06 23:59 8.3K